LV Engine: Grid Applications of Smart Transformers

20 Jan 2020
Dr. Giovanni De Carne, Institute for Technical Physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Dr. Ali Kazerooni, SP Energy Networks, and Prof. Marco Liserre, Chair of Power Electronics, Kiel University
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The increasing connection of low carbon technologies (LCT) introduces new challenges to operation and planning of distribution networks. Enhancing controllability and flexibility of the network can provide a solution to these challenges. Application of Smart Transformers (ST) at distribution substations (MV/LV) is a new concept, with the capability to form intelligent grid nodes. A Smart Transformer is a power electronics-based transformer, aiming not only to deliver the voltage conversion function, as typical transformers, but also providing ancillary services to the grid. That includes voltage control at MV and LV, power flow control resulting in capacity sharing between neighboring substations, and also provision of Low Voltage DC supply for direct connection of LCTs. In order to develop a product that can be deployed within a grid, the ST requires to comply with some the grid code requirements for meeting the continuity, security and reliability of supply. However, there are some power electronics constraints and lack of field experience that introduces ST design challenges. This tutorial introduces the first industrial project on Smart Transformer integration in distribution grid: LV Engine. An OFGEM-funded project managed by SP Energy Networks, LV Engine aims to enhance the ST technology readiness level and bring it from a lab-level to a ?Business-as-usual? solution. Live demonstration of ST in different schemes have also been planned in this project. This tutorial aims to communicate the project background, its aims and objectives, business case of ST deployment and project progress so far. The project is also building on some of the learnings captured by EU ERC Consolidator Grant Project ?HEART? carried out by Kiel University.
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