Green Energy Successes, Opportunities, Challenges

25 Jun 2014
Mike Ahern
Primary Committee:
IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
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Time: 01:46:00
This webinar provides a broad overview of U.S. Green Energy plans and progress. It 1. Identifies that Green Energy is one of several U.S. Energy Policy goals. It provides context by looking at the overall sources and uses of energy. 2. Reviews successes in energy conservation since the 1973 Energy Crisis using facts and figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Includes facts and trends for major types of energy use transportation, manufacturing and residential. 3. Identifies opportunities for improved efficiency in the generation, delivery and use of electricity. Develops an end to end picture of current system efficiency and specific opportunities for improvements. 4. Discusses challenges to increased use of renewable energy. The biofuel blend wall, cost concerns, legislative mandates, technology maturity, and operational challenges from intermittent renewable power sources are all explained and discussed. 5. Newer engineers, students, energy policy makers, and energy consumers would benefit from this webinar.

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