Advanced Voltage Source Converter Technology and Power Systems Applications

12 Jun 2017
Joe Fox
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IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
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Time: 00:56:08
The advancement of multilevel voltage source converter (VSC) technology has allowed utilities, renewable developers and industrial customers to meet the growing challenges of today's evolving grid. Specifically, via its dynamic reactive output capabilities, this multi-purpose device can provide utility planners with a powerful tool to address multiple applications with a single solution. When combined with energy storage, these systems can be further optimized to provide an entire suite of services for utility infrastructure and supply applications. This webinar will explore the advancement of multilevel voltage source converter technology, and how they apply to power systems applications such as dynamic reactive compensation, grid stability, grid reliability, and advanced energy storage. Real world case study examples will be provided, that show how this technology is applied in the field to meet utility applications.

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