Green Energy and the Electric Delivery System: Opportunities for Energy Efficiency (Webinar)

25 Apr 2013
Michael F. Ahern of WPI
Primary Committee:
IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
Page/Slide Count:
Time: 51:34
This Webinar: 1) Identifies that "Green Energy" is one of several customer goals. 2) Cites energy efficiency is one type of "Green Energy" and why it's important. 3) Develops end-to-end efficiency estimates for a variety of possible power system configurations. These estimates demonstrate the relative value of currently available efficiency improvements for each piece of the power system - generation, delivery and end use. Large opportunities for energy savings are illustrated, especially for end use decisions which are under the customer's direct control. 4) Reviews the complexity of the electric delivery system and the difficulties in implementing changes. The significance of these simple analyses is to provide clear technical insight to new engineers, students, energy policy makers and customers.

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