Planning and Operating a Flexible and Resilient Grid: Insights of Recent ITS TF Technical Reports

22 Feb 2019
D. Houseman, E. Bernabeu, G. Kobet, B. Chiu
Jay Liu
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The electric power industry has been working extensively on innovative technologies that can help ensure the resilience of the grid and policies that support resilient system operation. To address the need to provide a strategic vision and coordinate multiple efforts directed toward improving resilience, reliability, security, and stability of the transmission and distribution grids, the IEEE PES formed the Industry Technical Support Task Force (ITS TF). The Task Force works closely with the IEEE Standards Association, IEEE-USA, DOE, FERC, NERC, and other industry, government and regulatory agencies on complex issues impacting the energy sector. In respond to stakeholder's requests, ITSTF has published a series of technical reports, whitepapers, and testimonies in 2018. At this panel session, the leaders of these publications will provide their insights in these works and share their vision on the out most challenges and opportunities.

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