Energy Storage Primer

07 Apr 2020
Curtis Ashton, Babu Chalmala, Ralph Masiello, Jim McDowall, Damir Novosel, Veronika Rabl, Michael Ropp, Mark Siira, Charlie Vartanian, and Chan Wong
Primary Committee:
Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC)
Sponsored by:
Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee (ESSB)
Veronika Rabl (lead author)
Session Type:
White Paper
Video Length / Slide Count:
Pages: 13
Energy storage continues to emerge as one of "non-conventional alternatives" to mitigate the effects of renewable variability, optimize the utilization of existing grid infrastructure, and improve resilience and reliability by providing end users with the ability to self-supply during outages. Energy storage is a flexible resource for grid operators that can deliver a range of grid services quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, the cost of many of these services still exceeds their value, compared to conventional solutions. As energy storage technology becomes more cost-effective, a wider range of applications will become accessible. The purpose of this Primer is to provide a fundamental understanding of the roles of energy storage in the electric grid and explain why it is more complex than simply inserting a battery into a phone, requiring careful engineering design expertise.

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