Importance of T&D Grid Modernization to Mitigate Impacts from and Adapt to Climate Change (TR93)

28 Feb 2022
Chair: Babu ChalamalaSandia National Laboratories, USA, Mark Paterson, Strategen, Australia - Region 10 representative,Costas Vournas, University of Athens, Greece - Region 8 representative,Dirk Van Hertem, University of Leuven, Belgium - Region 8 representative,Jef Beerten, KU Leuven, Belgium: IEEE European Policy Committee Chair,Jorge Lafitte, ISA REP, Colombia - Region 9 representative,Babak Enayati, National Grid, US: T&D Committee representative,Mark Lauby, NERC, United States: Executive Advisory Council (EAC) representative,Nilesh Modi, AEMO, Australia: Corporate Engagementment Program (CEP) representative,Marina Mondello, ComEd, US - CEP representative,Elli Ntakou, Quanta Technology, US - CEP representative,Xiaochuan Luo, ISO NE, US - CEP representative,Damir Novosel, ITS LC Chair and Executive Advisor Council secretary,Aleksi Paaso, United States: ITS LC Vice-Chair,Juan Castaneda, Southern California Edison, United States: ITS LC NERC liaison,Carla Frieh, ComEd, US - ITS LC Technology lead,Dagmar Niebur, Drexel University, US- ITS LC Technology lead,Veronika Rabl, United States: ITS LC conferences and meetings lead,Robert Jeffers, National Renewable Energy Lab, United States: ITS LC Climate Change TF Chair,Daniel Kushner, Accenture, United States: ITS LC Climate Change TF Vice Chair
Primary Committee:
Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC)
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Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC)
Chair: Babu ChalamalaSandia National Laboratories, USA
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Pages: 42
The electric industry is undergoing one of its most dramatic transformations in a century driven by the need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for generation, integrate clean energy technologies, and adapt to the realities of climate change. The grid is also being increasingly tested by weather events exacerbated by climate change that bring extreme weather conditions with greater frequency and intensity, as well as by human-made threats like physical and cyber-attacks. These chronic climate stressors and increases in building cooling and heating loads require that the grid is adequately engineered to respond. To achieve aggressive decarbonization goals, the electric power sector will need to re-think how to plan, design, regulate, and operate the electric grid. This technical report identifies efforts of the power sector to modernize the grid and combat climate change. It highlights the importance of T&D grid modernization to mitigate impacts from and adapt to climate change. It helps to frame, inform, and support the industry’s activities and investment priorities to pursue the decarbonization of the electric power sector.

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