Electric Signatures of Power Equipment Failures (TR73)

20 Dec 2019
Power Quality Data Analytics Working Group
Primary Committee:
Transmission & Distribution Committee (T&D)
Sponsored by:
Power Quality Subcommittee, Working Group on Power Quality Data Analytics
Walmir Freitas
Session Type:
Technical Report
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Pages: 78
The widespread use of power quality monitors has enabled utilities to extract non-power-quality information from the power quality measurements. A potential use of such data is equipment condition monitoring, as equipment failures present unique signatures in the voltage and current waveforms. In this context, this report was prepared to support the development and application of methods that use power quality data analytics for equipment condition monitoring. The report provides a set of equipment failure signatures collected from various sources and highlights their diverse characteristics. With the information provided, researchers can develop algorithms to identify equipment abnormality from voltage and current waveforms. This document additionally discusses the research needs for equipment condition monitoring by using power quality data. For example, the first step toward a general-purpose condition monitoring system is a method for detecting any form of waveform abnormality.

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