Towards Integrating Cyber and Physical Security for a More Reliable, Resilient, and Secure Energy Sector (TR105)

06 Dec 2022
Richard Alcade, Sam Chanoski, Johnny Gest, Jessica Harris, Mohammad Reza Khalghani, Roger Hales, David Sopata, John Stewart
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Ryan Quint, Larry Collier, Dan Goodlett, John Stewart
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The risk posed by cyber and physical security threats to the electric grid is growing. Rapid digitalization and decarbonization of the electricity sector are some of the predominant drivers to grid transformation today and into the future. Large-scale changes to the generation resource mix, how and where they are connected, increased remote command and control capabilities, and the myriad technologies and communications networks that facilitate these changes pose significant challenges to reliability, resilience, and security of critical infrastructure such as the bulk power system which enables modern society. Historically, security has not played a strong role in traditional engineering practices such as transmission planning, power system design, and even power system operations. This report provides a foundation for establishing the concept of “security integration,” which attempts to begin addressing these issues through a more integrated approach for cyber and physical security into the planning, design, and operational phases of the bulk power system. This report was created under the direction and guidance of a joint task force of IEEE members and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

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