Evolution of Codes Covering Stationary Batteries (including for Energy Storage [BESS])

23 Oct 2019
Curtis Ashton, American Power Systems Training Director, & 2020 Chair of IEEE PES ESSB Committee
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Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee (ESSB)
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Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee (ESSB)
Curtis Ashton
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The proliferation of battery energy storage systems (BESS), most of which are presently using Li-ion technology, and the incidence of fires in such BESS around the world has driven large changes in the battery sections of the Fire Codes in North America and elsewhere, including a brand new Code (NFPA 855). This presentation attempts to shortly summarize those changes as of October 2019 so that those dealing with stationary batteries (whether they are part of a BESS or not, and even when they are not Li-ion technology, since the Code changes also affect traditional stationary standby battery systems), especially in North America, can start to get an idea of how to properly design their systems to meet these changing Code requirements.
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