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Power and Energy Magazine - Volume 19: Issue 2 - March/April 2021: Energy Insecurity

Naomi Stringer,Benjamin Kroposki,Kazuhiko Ogimoto,Ricardo Guerrero Lemus,Tom Key,Richard Fioravanti

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01 Feb 2021

As the world faced the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mere idea of potential lockdowns sent packages of toilet paper flying off the shelves. That has been followed by the loss of jobs and income that staggered economies globally. Fortunately, power and energy system operation has remained largely stable. But imagine the further hoarding and pandemonium that would ensue should the electrified world’s societies confront shortages in access to the energy on which they have become so dependent. Think of the economic collapse that would transform the orderly operation of businesses and governments. Anxiety at the thought of the reactions to such situations does more than lead to lack of sleep. Many of us in this business have jobs that directly consider the short- and long-term availability of uninterrupted energy access. Most of the rest of us work to see that energy is delivered safely at an affordable price. These two aspects form the foundation for exploring energy security.