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P&E Magazine 01 Jun 2016

This issue's features: REVing Up the Energy Vision in New York - by: Audrey Zibelman, The View from the Top of the Mountain - by: David Forfia, Mark Knight, and Ron Melton, A Society of Devices - by: Koen Kok and Steve Widergren, The Interface of Power - by: Dimitra Apostolopoulou, Shay Bahramirad, and Amin Khodaei, The Changing Electrical Landscape - by: Farrokh Rahimi, Ali Ipakchi, and Fred Fletcher, Refurbishments in Australasia - by: Brian Gemmell and Matthew Korytowski, A Tale of Two Visions - by: Lorenzo Kristov, Paul De Martini, and Jeffrey D. Taft,Sharing the Ride of Power - by: Ralph Masiello and Julio Romero Ag?ero