Assessment of Measurement-Based Phase Identification Methods

22 Mar 2021
Francis Therrien, Logan Blakely, and Matthew J. Reno
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The task of determining the phase connection of customers, known as phase identification, is crucial to obtain accurate distribution system models. This paper starts with a thorough literature review of the existing phase identification methods, which are broadly divided into three categories: hardware-based, real power-based, and voltage-based methods. This is followed by multiple case studies assessing the accuracy of six real power- and voltage-based phase identification algorithms on four realistic distribution test systems. Synthetic load profiles along with network models are used to quantify accuracy of each method for different scenarios: varying advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) coverage, number of initially mislabeled customer phases, number of available samples, and measurement noise. A case study using a real AMI data set, including field verification, is also provided. Finally, several aspects key to accurate phase identification are discussed in detail.

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