Synthesis of Load and Feeder Models Using Point on Wave Measurement Data

12 May 2021
Sameer Nekkalapu, Vijay Vittal, John Undrill, Brian Keel, Bo Gong, and Kenneth Brown
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This paper describes a novel method to synthesize load and feeder models, by estimating the load composition and the load parameters, using instantaneous voltage and current measurements, obtained at the distribution level, from disturbance events. A novel feeder model structure has been proposed in this work comprising of single-phase loads, three-phase loads, impedance loads, distribution transformers and distribution line segments. The load composition of the proposed feeder models and the motor load parameters are determined using a non-linear least squares algorithm integrated with an electromagnetic transient (EMT) analysis tool PSCAD. The efficacy of the proposed algorithm is examined for feeders at different physical locations and with distinctly varied load characteristics. Using this approach, parameters of the motor loads have been obtained within a fixed set of bounded values for each corresponding parameter. The ability of the proposed feeder and load models to capture severe fault induced delayed voltage recovery events (FIDVR) has also been discussed here.

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