Examination of Composite Load and Variable Frequency Drive Air Conditioning Modeling on FIDVR

07 Apr 2021
Adriana Cisco Sullberg, Meng Wu, Vijay Vittal, Bo Gong, and Philip Augustin
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Fault induced delayed voltage recovery (FIDVR) is a credible concern in power systems with high penetration of single-phase air conditioner loads. Power system planning studies use dynamic load models, such as the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) composite load model CMPLDW to examine FIDVR in power systems. The behavior of modern variable frequency drive (VFD) air conditioners to voltage drops is not the same as traditional one- or two-speed air conditioning systems. This paper investigates the impact of increasing VFD air conditioner penetration within a power system on FIDVR events, by first modeling VFD air conditioners as a separate load and then as a power electronic component within the CMPLDW model. Simulation results show that increasing the penetration of VFD driven air conditioners decreases the post-fault voltage sag, recovery time, and number of customers interrupted by undervoltage load shedding.

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