Quantifying Power System Operational and Infrastructural Resilience Under Extreme Conditions Within a Water-Energy Nexus Framework

02 Jun 2021
Scott Zuloaga and Vijay Vittal
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This work presents definitions and metrics developed for quantifying the resilience of the electric power system (EPS) while considering its interdependent operation with the water distribution system (WDS). These metrics are used within a novel formulation in order to determine EPS resilience during the coordinated real-time operation of the two systems where both the operational state and infrastructural configuration of the EPS is taken into account. Coordinated operation of the two systems involves simulations that account for the main dependencies of each system on the other (cooling water for thermoelectric generation and electric power for WDS pumps). The results for several test cases are used within this work to demonstrate how system resilience in the EPS is captured for simulations that emulate the critical conditions of long-term power outages (in the EPS) and severe drought (in the WDS).

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