Distributed Secondary Control of a Microgrid With a Generalized PI Finite-Time Controller

02 Feb 2021
Yuanshi Zhang, Amin Mohammadpour Shotorbani, Liwei Wang, and Behnam Mohammadi-Ivatloo
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This paper proposes a novel distributed secondary controller for droop-controlled microgrids to regulate the frequency and voltage, and autonomously share the power mismatch. The proposed scheme is entitled generalized proportional-integral finite-time controller (GPI-FTC). The proposed GPI-FTC is synthesized based on the control Lyapunov function method and modifying the conventional PI controller by adding a consensus term to the integrand dynamic. The proposed distributed GPI-FTC provides plug-n-play capability, scalability, and fast finite-time convergence of the system states. Moreover, a reactive power sharing (Q-sharing) method is designed to improve the sharing pattern of reactive power under exact voltage regulation. Also, a distributed voltage observer is developed for average voltage regulation. Performance of the proposed GPI-FTC is validated through numerical simulations of the detailed model of the microgrid, including small signal analysis, load change, DG outage, Q-sharing, and performance comparison.

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