Potential-Based Large-Signal Stability Analysis in DC Power Grids With Multiple Constant Power Loads

06 Dec 2021
Fangyuan Chang, Xiaofan Cui, Mengqi Wang, and Wencong Su
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The increasing adoption of power electronic devices may lead to large disturbance in DC power grids. Traditionally, the Brayton-Moser mixed potential theory is utilized to address large-signal stability (LSS) analysis. However, this theory proposes sufficient criteria only for large-signal global stability, which provides general but fuzzy information about the stability of DC microgrids. To solve this issue, we propose for the first time a comprehensive hyperlocal large-signal stability analysis (HL-LSS) that is adaptable to large-scale complex power grids. The novel proposed analysis studies the complex situation in nonlinear DC grids with multiple equilibrium points, including stability analysis of each equilibrium point and convergence analysis of state trajectories. The region of attraction (ROA) of microgrids is also estimated.

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