Dynamic Programming Method to Optimally Select Power Distribution System Reliability Upgrades

26 Feb 2021
S. Raja, Bryan Arguello, and Brian J. Pierre
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This paper presents a novel dynamic programming (DP) technique for the determination of optimal investment decisions to improve power distribution system reliability metrics. This model is designed to select the optimal small-scale investments to protect an electrical distribution system from disruptions. The objective is to minimize distribution system reliability metrics: System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI). The primary input to this optimization model is years of recent utility historical outage data. The DP optimization technique is compared and validated against an equivalent mixed integer linear program (MILP). Through testing on synthetic and real datasets, both approaches are verified to yield equally optimal solutions. Efficiency profiles of each approach indicate that the DP algorithm is more efficient when considering wide budget ranges or a larger outage history, while the MILP model more efficiently handles larger distribution systems. The model is tested with utility data from a distribution system operator in the U.S. Results demonstrate a significant improvement in SAIDI and SAIFI metrics with the optimal small-scale investments.

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