Frequency Response in the Presence of Renewable Generation: Challenges and Opportunities

07 Oct 2021
Nga Nguyen, Dilip Pandit, Riley Quigley, and Joydeep Mitra
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Due to their many advantages, renewable energy resources (RERs) are proliferating rapidly to satisfy a significant portion of the global energy demand. It is predicted that the importance of RER generation will continue to increase in the future of the energy industry. In spite of all their known benefits, the integration of RERs poses several challenges to system stability and reliability. Low inertia characteristics and the intermittent output of RERs introduces additional variation into an already variable grid frequency. System regulation capability and reliability are reduced as RERs gradually replace conventional generators. This paper reviews the challenges associated with RER integration on system frequency response and how these challenges affect system reliability. Advanced methods for mitigating challenges associated with increasing RER integration, while ensuring system security, are discussed, and the necessary mathematical background is provided in concise form. A model is developed for determining the maximum level of RER penetration based on stability constraints. Emerging methods to advance the integration of RERs are discussed.

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