Long Duration Flexibility Planning Challenges and Solutions for Power System With Ultra High Share of Renewable Energy

22 Sep 2022
Haibo Li, Yisha Lin, Zongxiang Lu, Ying Qiao, Jianru Qin, Chongqing Kang, and Xi Ye
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The uncertainty of wind/photovoltaics (PV) power generation and load fluctuations highlight the urgent need for flexible yet stable power resources. With the increasing in the share of renewable energy, the fluctuation presents a trend toward the longer periods, larger amplitudes, and more drastic changes. Therefore, research on the long duration flexible resources planning for the scenarios of the ultra high share of renewable power system (UHRPS) has become the focus. In this work, the main structural and operating characteristics of UHRPS are introduced and analyzed, which is followed by the flexibility requirements and flexibility planning challenges of UHRPS scenarios. Then, the current research trends in flexibility planning schemes of renewable energy power systems are reviewed. Finally, the key problems and solutions for research on the long duration flexible resources planning of UHRPS are proposed.

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