Geospatial Assessment Methodology to Estimate Power Line Restoration Access Vulnerabilities After a Hurricane in Puerto Rico

18 Jul 2022
C. Birk Jones, Cynthia J. Bresloff, Rachid Darbali-Zamora, Matthew S. Lave, and Erick E. Aponte Bezares
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Limited access to transmission lines after a major contingency event can inhibit restoration efforts. After Hurricane Maria, for example, flooding and landslides damaged roads and thus limited travel. Transmission lines are also often situated far from maintained roadways, further limiting the ability to access and repair them. Therefore, this paper proposes a methodology for assessing Puerto Rico's infrastructure (i.e., roads and transmission lines) to identify potentially hard to reach areas due to natural risks or distance to roads. The approach uses geographic information system (GIS) data to define vulnerable areas, that may experience excessive restoration times. The methodology also uses graph theory analysis to find transmission lines with high centrality (or importance). Comparison of these important transmission lines with the vulnerability results found that many reside near roads that are at risk for landslides or floods.

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