A Dynamic Equivalent of Active Distribution Network: Derivation, Update, Validation and Use Cases

03 Aug 2021
Gilles Chaspierre, Guillaume Denis, Patrick Panciatici, and Thierry Van Cutsem
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This paper deals with the derivation of dynamic equivalents of active distribution networks, hosting inverter-based generators as well as static and motor loads. Equivalents are reduced-order models for use in dynamic simulations of the transmission system. They are of the grey-box types and their parameters are identified from large-disturbance Monte-Carlo simulations accounting for model uncertainty. After presenting an overview of the identification method at a single operating point, the paper deals with the update the equivalent when the operating conditions of the distribution network change. A procedure identifies the parameters to update, hence avoiding a complete new identification. Besides illustrative examples, two sets of simulation results are reported. First, the accuracy of the equivalent is validated in a long-term voltage instability scenario. Second, a larger-scale application is presented, with numerous instances of the equivalent attached to the model of the IEEE Nordic transmission test system. This combined model is used to assess the impact on short- and long-term voltage stability of the inverter-based generators with fast and slow controls.

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