Composite System Reliability Evaluation With Essential Reliability Services Assessment of Wind Power Integrated Power Systems

08 Oct 2020
Yingying Wang, Vijay Vittal, Mojdeh Khorsand, and Chanan Singh
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With the increasing penetration of renewable resources and the retirements of conventional coal-fired generation units, power systems are undergoing significant transformation with the instantaneous renewable generation penetration sometimes approaching over 50 percent of the demand. This transformation makes the need for comprehensive reliability assessment critical to properly account for the composite system adequacy and the sufficiency of essential reliability services (ERSs). This paper introduces a probabilistic approach to evaluate the reliability of wind power integrated power systems considering ERSs including frequency and voltage support, in conjunction with resource adequacy. To consider stochasticity in system operating conditions, the proposed approach utilizes sequential Monte-Carlo Simulation (SMCS) as the probabilistic analysis methodology and formulates probabilistic reliability metrics representing the composite system adequacy and the ERSs. The proposed approach and metrics are demonstrated on a synthetic test system. Simulation results illustrate the efficacy of the proposed approach and its importance in analyzing the impact of increasing wind power penetration as well as wind turbine generators (WTGs) providing ERSs on system reliability.

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