Power Distribution System Synchrophasor Measurements With Non-Gaussian Noises: Real-World Data Testing and Analysis

17 May 2021
Can Huang, Charanraj Thimmisetty, Xiao Chen, Emma Stewart, Philip Top, Mert Korkali, Vaibhav Donde, Charles Tong, and Liang Min
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This short paper investigates distribution-level synchrophasor measurement errors with online and offline tests, and mathematically and systematically identifies the actual distribution of the measurement errors through graphical and numerical analysis. It is observed that the measurement errors in both online and offline case studies follow a non-Gaussian distribution, instead of the traditionally assumed Gaussian distribution. It suggests the use of non-Gaussian models, such as Gaussian mixture models, for representing the measurement errors more accurately and realistically. The presented tests and analysis are helpful for the understanding of distribution-level measurement characteristics, and for the modeling and simulation of distribution system applications, such as state estimation.

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