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    Duration: 1 hour
05 Nov 2019

Recent literature on energy storage reports many applications of batteries, ranging from behind-the-meter to large-scale installations, to perform spatiotemporal energy arbitrage and provide various transmission and distribution ancillary services (e.g. volt/var control, regulation and load following, congestion relief, capacity deferral). Often, it is difficult to differentiate among these services and, thus, evaluate potential revenue streams for real-life battery projects. This webinar will demystify the unchartered territory of battery applications and rigorously divide it in three main regions: (i) system-wide applications, (ii) locational services, and (iii) user-end applications. After these discussions, we will focus on some emerging opportunities for batteries that allow for additional revenue streams via an advanced transmission-distribution coordination and storage mobility.

Primary Committee:
Power System Operation, Planning and Economics Committee (PSOPE)
Sponsor Committees:
Power System Operation, Planning and Economics Committee (PSOPE)