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Webinar 02 Nov 2023

This webinar will provide fundamental knowledge and guideline on how to conduct solar photovoltaic system design and installation process. This tutorial starts with a brief introduction to electric power systems as well as the clean development of modern electric power systems. Then, the webinar turns to one of the fastest-growing clean energy sectors – Solar Photovoltaic (PV). The webinar aims to provide an easy understanding way, with minimum theoretical involvement, to establish with quick understanding and skills on how to design and install a solar PV system. The topics include solar panels, solar inverters, batteries for solar PV systems, racking of solar panels, PV system design guidelines, PV system installation guide, and testing and troubleshooting. A significant number of practical figures, drawings, videos, and presentation animations will be utilized in the webinar series to build fundamental skills that would speed up trainees to get into the solar industry.