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Webinar 12 Jan 2024

The worldwide accelerating decarbonization of energy systems requires a rising penetration of renewable energy, distributed energy, and energy storage, making the power system ever large and more complex. To make the large, complex, and dynamic power system secure and cost-effective, accurate and fast analysis are crucial. To address the increasing needs for computational efficiency in both steady-state and dynamic power system analyses, we have developed an innovative graph computing technology based on a graph database, which will be presented in this webinar. This graph-based approach closely aligns with the nature of power systems, as the graph data structure inherently represents the power network's topology and the connectivity of its components. In this webinar, we will deep dive into the concept and methodology of graph nodal and hierarchical parallelism. Additionally, we will explore how graph computing technologies can be effectively applied to power system analysis, including steady-state analysis, transient simulation, and operation optimization.