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Webinar 19 Apr 2023

The intermittency of renewable energy sources makes the use of energy storage systems (ESSs) indispensable in modern power grids for supply-demand balancing and reliability enhancement. Battery ESSs (BESSs), Li-ion batteries in particular, possess attractive properties and are taking over other types of storage technologies as the electric vehicle (EV) market is booming and the shift to EVs is irreversible. Battery storage is a multidisciplinary area, which is of great interest to and is being studied by different communities. For electrical power professionals who are interested in this important topic but do not have sufficient background, it is not an easy and trivial task to go through the "literature jungle" without being overwhelmed or even lost. A working group has been formed on the Management of Distributed Battery Storage Systems by Energy Development and Power Generation (EDPG) Committee, Power and Energy Society, IEEE, to address this challenge. In this talk, as one of the outcomes of the working group's efforts, the core background issues are reviewed as well as the indispensable literature surrounding the essential topics of material fundamentals, modeling, characterization, management, applications, and market participation of Li-ion batteries to lay out an overarching theme of the management of grid-connected battery systems.