T-PWRD Visionary Paper Series: Synchronized Waveforms – A Frontier of Data-Based Power System and Apparatus Monitoring (Video)

19 Oct 2021
Wilsun Xu
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IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery has been running a new type of papers called Visionary Paper Series. It is designed for seasoned researchers to share their visions on a significant trend in power industry or to present innovative ideas/concepts that may produce a wide range of impacts. This webinar will present another paper accepted for the series.

The subject of this paper is synchronized waveform data. Waveform data contain the most authentic and granular information on power systems. In recent years, it has become possible to synchronize waveform data measured from different locations. Thus, large-scale coordinated analyses of multiple waveforms over a wide area are within our reach. This paper/webinar presents an in-depth review and analysis of the advancements in the field. Five strategies are proposed to develop synchronized waveform-based applications over multiple application areas. The work also presents three platforms and two data screening algorithms for application implementation.

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