High Penetration of EVs Could Change the Residential Power System (Video)

18 Aug 2021
Antonio Ginart
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In a near future, the massive production and deployment of EVs will need to be matched by the availability of an equivalently large number of fast DC charging capabilities. This article explores the possibilities that public DC fast charging systems will not be enough to satisfy the demand for a convenient network of EV charging stations, creating the need for a residential DC fast charger that has the potential to become the enabling block for DC residential systems. DC residential systems also present a natural solution for the integration of solar panels and battery storage. DC fast chargers can efficiently and easily integrate solar energy produced and currently stored on the AC power grid, forming the backbone for a DC residential grid. Furthermore, the infrastructure needed for EV DC fast chargers can easily accept a future migration of other natural DC systems, such as modern air conditioning (A/C), heat pumps, refrigeration, lighting, and ultimately, the other remaining appliances.

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