GLOW: An Open-source Distribution Planning Tool Based on GridLAB-D (Video)

18 Dec 2020
Bo Yang, Panitarn Chongfuangprinya
Bo Yang
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Duration: 00:56:32
This webinar: The adoption of smart grid and DERs have grown significantly in the last decade. This leads to impacts on the grid that need to be analyzed. One of the most advanced tools for impact studies is GridLAB-D. However, a command-line interface is a common method to use GridLAB-D thus it is prevalent only among experienced users.
In this talk, we will provide the background policies, requirements, and use cases related to DERs integration. We will present the current development of GridLAB-D Open Workspace (GLOW) which is an open-source distribution planning platform based on GridLAB-D. With addition of a GUI, GLOW provides a user-friendly environment for all stakeholders involved in deployment of DERs. We will demonstrate GLOW through a web-based UI on a cloud computing platform. This talk will also include the future development of GLOW for a beta release in 2021.

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