Advances to Grid-Forming Technology for Blackstart, Restoration, and Fault Ride-Through Capability of IBR (video)

08 Mar 2023
Hugo Nestor Villegas Pico
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Time: 00:57:59

To achieve ultra-high penetrations of converter-based resources, wind and photovoltaic power plants will be required to blackstart bulk power systems and withstand severe restoration transients. If these resources are not able to restore a power system, their incorporation into electric grids could be limited by blackstart capability.

To tackle this grand challenge, this talk introduces established advances to grid-forming technology for Type 3 and 4 wind turbines as well as photovoltaic power plants. These advances have been achieved by engineering two-axis anti-windup proportional-integral regulators that can bound abstract control signals within a circle. The features of this class of regulators are: they are elegant as well as relatively simple to implement and understand. More importantly, they can enable converter-based resources to:
(i) successfully re-energize transmission lines and cold start motor loads;
(ii) sustain the energization of unbalanced loads and nonlinear loads;
(iii) reliably ride through symmetrical and asymmetrical faults;
(iv) maintain synchronism among converter-based resources within power plants during small and large transients; and
(v) survive low-wind-speed and low-solar-irradiance scenarios to prevent a second blackout.

These advances will be demonstrated using simulations in the electromagnetic-transient and positive-sequence domains.

Who would benefit from this webinar:
Reliability organizations, e.g., NERC, U.S. federal agencies, e.g., FERC, DOE, NSF, Faculty and students (of power and control) worldwide, Manufacturers of wind and solar assets, Power industry engineers, Simulation and control businesses.


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