Coordinated GT&D Planning and Investment Prioritization (Video)

31 Mar 2021
Dr. Hisham Othman, Executive Advisor, Vice President, Transmission & Regulatory at Quanta Technology, Stephen R. Teran, Principal Advisor at Quanta Technology
Primary Committee:
Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC)
Sponsored by:
Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC)
Marianna Vaiman & Sharma Kolluri, IEEE PES Corporate Engamgent Program (CEP) Chairs (2020)
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Time: 01:00:00
Well established planning and operational processes in the electricity industry are often siloed and are being challenged in the face of significant technology migration and ambitious decarbonization and resilience policies to mitigate climate change challenges. Integrated resource planning (IRP), T&D planning, grid modernization, and risk mitigation require coordination and cross optimization to achieve the prevailing policies. Increasingly, investments are interchangeable and/or interdependent across the electricity value chain. A case in point is system resilience being addressed by investments in T&D assets and by customer-sited microgrids. Investment planning that optimizes across policy objectives will require closer coordination across planning and operational processes.

Learning Objectives:
Policy and societal initiatives that are driving the need for coordination between planning activities.
• Expected changes that are needed for utility planning and operational functions.
• An overview of industry gaps based a current snapshot and future expected needs.
• Examples of where a coordinated approach is being used.
• A roadmap to bridge gaps toward a future vision.

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