Addressing Extreme Weather Events: Impact of Cold Weather, Hurricanes and Wildfires on Transmission and Distribution Systems (Video)

08 Dec 2021
Tom Pierpoint, Dan Kline
Marianna Vaiman, Sharma Kolluri
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Time: 01:44:54
Electric utilities have been working to improve existing processes and develop new solutions to address challenges and impact of climate-related extreme events and improve their preparation and response strategies to these events. Since such events have not only significant reliability impact, but societal consequences, implementing an effective strategy and roadmap on how to best perform planning and operation of the system during occurrence of these events, and recover from their consequences becomes of utmost importance to the industry. The panelists will discuss utility experience and lessons learned on how to maintain reliability and resilience of the transmission and distribution grids in the anticipation of and following extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, wild fires and extreme cold events.

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