Advancements in Protection, Automation, Control and Communication (PACC) Session 1: Introduction and Protection Impacts (Video)

05 Aug 2021
Mohindar Sachdev
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Integration of renewable energy sources are changing the characteristics of power systems at a time when utilities are focusing on improving customer service and resiliency of the grid, by using advanced monitoring and control technologies including the use of synchrophasors. Invertor based resources and microgrids are challenging protection engineers. Communication technologies are also advancing, and related international standards are maturing for deployments in substations. Renewed attention is required on protection and control strategies that build on the available and emerging technologies. This tutorial discusses the advancements of protection, automation, control, and communication technologies to address the challenges posed by the changing grid.

The tutorial will update the knowledge base of practicing protection engineers as well as other young engineers. They will learn about the recently developed approaches that they can leverage to enhance the operation of power systems and improve the quality of service provided to customers.
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