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TESC ''20: Day 2, Session 1: System Implementation Strategies & Examples Workshop (slides)

Trevor Gionet, Jeet Dhoriyani, Renison Macwan, Michael Hammersley

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Panel Session 09 Dec 2020

System Implementation Strategies & Examples Workshop:In recent years, a number of states, municipalities, utilities, NGO’s and corporations have engaged in putting transactive energy theory into practice around the globe. This topic will revisit some of these implementations, the lessons learned, and discuss the interdependence of the electric grid and the communication networks that are necessary to monitor and coordinate actions on the grid and how to build explicit, well-defined, trust models that define identity, authentication, service-level agreements, and privacy into TE systems.
- Price as a metric of Coordination in a Layered Decomposition Approach
- A Game-Theory Based Analysis of the Effects of Energy-Storage System Utility Strategies on the Short-Term Energy Market
- Enabling Plug and Play Transactive Energy on Legacy Power Grids

Aaron Snyder, Stuart McCafferty

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