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TESC 2019 - Keynote/Plenary 7/10

Farroh Rahimi, L. Kristov, R. Pratt, T. Barham, F. Rahimi, M. Paterson, D. Hammerstrom, E. Ma, K. Nakayama, U. Cali

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10 Jul 2019

This .mp3 file contains the following plenary session:
Day 2 features a plenary panel discussing the current changes taking place in the electric power system that set the context for application of transactive energy systems in the United States| a talk featuring the view from Australia where distributed energy resource penetration is motivating new approaches to managing the grid| and a plenary session featuring the presentations of the paper selected for the conference.
Panel - A Framework for What Future?

Understanding how lower carbon, increasingly democratised electricity systems will function must come from a vision of how the future will unfold. Most subject matter experts agree that the electrical utility as we know it is in a process of slow disruption. Even the utility model the US has embraced for the past century took nearly three decades to evolve from Edison's DC Pearl Street Station in 1882 to the proliferation of three phase AC power, high voltage transmission and the triumph of electrical monopolies in the early 20th century.

What clues can we gather about what pathways a slowly disrupting electricity system might take? This panel brings together four different vantage points of an evolving future in order to stimulate attendees: thinking on Transactive Energy's role in integrating diverse facets of the changing electrical system into a functioning whole.

Ellen Anderson

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