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Panel Session 18 Feb 2020

This product contains the following Feb. 18th panel sessions from Track 2 - Distribution and Transmission Operation for the Grid of the Future
Cost-Effective Provision Grid Services from Demand-side Assets:
Supply of Grid Services and Grid Flexibility from Distributed Energy Resources
By: F. Albuyeh, Open Access Technology International, Inc.

Use of Digital Twins in Utility of the Future Operations for Provision of Grid Services
By: N. Lu, NCSU

The Changing Utility Landscape and Emerging Utility Business Models
By: G. Rendell, Duke Energy

Robust Distribution Grid Operation in the Presence of Fast Charging Electric Vehicles:
New tools to address the challenges of public transport electrification - Example of Singapore
By: T. Massier, Tumcreate, Ltd.

Multi-Timescale Operation and Optimization of Power Grid with High Renewable Penetrations:
Learning based optimal operation of networked microgrids
By: Z. Wang, Iowa State University

Decomposable Formulation of Transmission Constraints for Decentralized Power Systems Optimization
By: A. Xavier, ANL

Multi-timescale integrated dynamic and scheduling model for solar
By: H. Yuan, NREL

Disaster Awareness, Restoration and Stability Enhancement of Resilient Distribution Grids with Increasing Penetration of Inverter-based Resources:
Dominion practice of resiliency with focus on blackstart with high penetration of PV
By: H-M. Chou, Dominion Energy