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Panel Session 18 Feb 2020

This product contains the following Feb. 18th panel sessions from Track 3 - Distribution and Transmission Planning for the Grid of the Future

Cost-Effective Provision Grid Services from Demand-side Assets: Cyber Attack on Smart Inverters and Wind Generators
By: C. Liu, Virginia Tech

Cybersecurity of High Power EV Charging Station
By: J. Hong, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Blockchain and IoT Enabled P2P Energy Trading Framework
By: Z. Yi, GEIRI North America

Non-black-box Online Modeling of HVDC for Real-time Security Detection
By: L. He, University of Illinois at Chicago

Reinforcing Cyber Resiliency of Power Systems with Embedded HVDC
By: R. Nuqui, ABB Power Grids Research

Cybersecurity for Sustainable Energy Systems
By: H. Mantooth, University of Arkansas

Microgrids and Hurricanes: A Perspective from Puerto Rico
By: F. Rengifo, University of Puerto Rico

An Electricity Grid Resilience Improvement Program (EGRIP)
By: F. Qiu, ANL

TF on Methods for Analysis and Quantification of Power System Resilience
By: K. Tomsovic, University of Tennessee

Data-Driven Resilience Modeling in Distribution Grid
By: Z. Wang, Iowa State University