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Improving Power System Reliability and Resilience through the Use of Enhanced Modeling and Advanced On-line Software Tools

M. Vaiman, A. Lee, S. Maslennikov, H. Zhang, R. Manuguid, N. Stenvig, P. Entingov

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Panel 22 Feb 2019

Maintaining reliable and resilient operation of the bulk power system is a fundamental aspect of grid operation, and focuses on ensuring the system can withstand sudden disturbances or unanticipated failures of system elements such that instability, uncontrolled separation, or cascading failures will not occur, and in case such events do occur, the system is able to quickly recover. The proposed panel session will feature presentations from four utilities (ERCOT, ISO New England, Peak Reliability, and San Diego Gas & Electric) describing their experience, lessons learned and future work on improving real-time models and advanced online applications that support their extensive efforts to enhance reliability and resilience of the grid in real-time and near real-time environments. The panel will also feature presenters from two National Labs, ORNL and PNNL, describing advanced technologies related to big data analytics (PNNL) and modeling efforts to support recovery work in Puerto Rico (ORNL).

Marianna Vaiman