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Panel 20 Jul 2023

The distribution system is undergoing a significant transformation to embrace the dispersed and diversified distributed energy resources (DERs) to meet the clean energy goals. The distribution system is experiencing unprecedented scenarios to supply reliable and affordable electrical power supply to all the customers with and without DERs. This panel will bring unique pilot demonstrations from UIASSIST project that considers a diverse set, including cooperative, campus, and investor-owned distribution systems with DERs. Different services-based case scenarios from each demo site add different dimensions to the panel and showcase unparalleled experiences. Besides, each panelist discusses distinct use cases taking unmatched requirements from each entity and international perspectives on similar problems. Panelists with design and implementation experience will discuss what challenges they encountered through the design, construction, and operation and how their teams addressed those challenges to make the pilot demonstration from research to field deployment phase as successful journey. Presentations in this panel session: - A Semi-Urban IIT Kanpur Campus Microgrid Demonstration (23PESGM3886)

Noel Schulz, Sanjeev Pannala
Primary Committee:
Power System Operation, Planning, and Economics (PSOPE)
Sponsor Committees:
Distribution System Operation and Planning Subcommittee