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Panel 20 Jul 2023

The integrated resource planning is a comprehensive planning process to build the long-term resource plan that ensures that sufficient resources to meet forecasted customer needs at the least cost, taking into account the variety of supply and demand resources and applicable environmental mandates. The existing planning process has been challenged by the ambitious decarbonization and policy requirements, climate change risks and significant increasing of DERs and intermittent resources in the system. This session will bring the international experts together to share their lesson learned and recent advancements in resource planning that address the system reliability and incorporate the climate impact. We will also discuss existing industry gaps and future expected improvements in the modeling tools and planning methodologies. Presentations in this panel session: - IESOís Pathways to Decarbonize (23PESGM4194) - Incorporating Climate Risks and Metrics in Power System Planning (23PESGM4195)

Amy Li
Primary Committee:
Power System Operation, Planning, and Economics (PSOPE)
Sponsor Committees:
Bulk Power System Planning Subcommittee

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