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Performance Specifications for Grid-forming Inverters - Status and Paths Forward

A. Hoke, L. Yu, A. Thant, D. Ramasubramanian, J. Matevosyan, S. Shah, A. Isaacs, A. Groom, C. Wembridge

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Panel 20 Jul 2023

As grid-forming (GFM) inverters begin to be deployed, grid operators have identified a need to define minimum performance specifications for GFM and methods of validating GFM performance. This panel session will focus on GFM performance specifications and proposed methods of performance verification in different regions of the world. We will summarize GFM specifications in use and in development around the world; identify similarities, differences, and best practices in those specifications; and identify potential methods of GFM performance verification. By doing so, we will facilitate coordination and exchange of ideas for defining and confirming the desired performance GFM inverters, which are emerging as a key technology for the ongoing energy transition. Presentations in this panel session: - Grid-forming Specifications: What Do We Need? (23PESGM4021) - Australia's Grid-forming Inverter Specification (23PESGM4393) - Hawaiian Electric's Needs and Specifications for Grid-forming Inverters (23PESGM4024) - Grid-forming Battery Specifications of NERC Inverter-based Resource Subcommittee (23PESGM4025) - Tasmania Perspective on Grid-forming Inverters (23PESGM4453) - The UNIFI Consortium Grid-forming Specification (23PESGM4026) - Gaps, Commonalities, and Remaining Questions in GFM Specifications Worldwide (23PESGM4027) - Validating Grid-forming Performance through Electromagnetic Transient Simulations (23PESGM4029) - Frequency Scanning for Quantification of Grid-forming Performance (23PESGM4028)

Andy Hoke, Deepak Ramasubramanian
Primary Committee:
Energy Development and Power Generation (EDPG)