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Microgrid Applications and Demonstrations: Lessons Learned

A. Sharma, S.C. Srivastava, N. Schulz, J. Hieb,

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Panel 20 Jul 2023

Pilot demonstration of advanced technologies for Microgrid using distributed energy resources is key to meet the clean energy goals around the world. Diverse scale implementation approaches are needed to adopt same solutions at different scales like rural, semi-urban, urban and army-base. However, microgrid operators and utility planners face unique and novel challenges when designing effective projects to realize multifold potential benefits. Experiences gained from deployed projects provide guidelines to industry and electric utility to better understand and extend the methods and best practices. Panelists with first hand microgrids design and implementation experience will discuss what challenges they encountered through the projectís design, construction, and operation and how their teams addressed those challenges to make the pilot demonstration from research to field deployment phase for expected improved performance. Presentations in this panel session: - An interconnected village microgrid pilot of India: a case study (23PESGM2777) - A semi-urban campus microgrid demonstration (23PESGM2779) - Utility-scale microgrid management with electric vehicle charging stations and data center load (23PESGM2780)

Anurag Srivastava, Sanjeev Pannala
Primary Committee:
Energy Development and Power Generation (EDPG)