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Panel 20 Jul 2023

Transient stability (TS) simulation programs have been successfully used by power engineering community for over a half century. Full EMT simulation is becoming a necessary alternative solution when many power electronics apparatus are connected to power systems. The models of the power electronics equipment are well developed in EMT simulation programs. The challenge is the computation speed to deal with large systems. Historically EMT simulation is only used for smaller power systems because it uses smaller time step and more detail models, therefore its computation time is much longer compared to TS simulation. Whether they can be used to process thousands of contingencies for large power system with 10s thousand buses remain to be a huge challenge. A taskforce was formed to address the needs of EMT simulation of large power systems. We are proposing this panel to share the new advancements in this area. Presentations in this panel session: - Large transmission, HVDC grid and Distribution system real-time and accelerated simulation benchmarks for DER integration (23PESGM0901)

Yi Zhang, Venkata Dinavahi
Primary Committee:
Analytic Methods for Power Systems (AMPS)
Sponsor Committees:
Transient Analysis and Simulation