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Synchrophasors-based Grid Enhancing Technologies

D. Novosel, M. Paolone, V. Madani, M. Popov

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Panel 19 Jul 2023

Modern power systems undergo unprecedented changes, especially due to the replacement of large conventional power plants with dispersed and distributed renewable power generators connected to both transmission and distribution grids, which is causing several concerns on existing transmission and distribution networks, such as large and unpredictable power flows, from higher to lower voltage level. To address this problem, power system operators perform preventive solutions by building new transmission and distribution assets, to increase grid meshing and inter-area power transfer capacity. Although these actions may solve many of the limiting issues derived from a massive penetration of distributed generators, building new infrastructures is not a trivial task due to the related economic, social, and environmental matters. This panel will present the latest experience from manufacturing, specialists, academia, and Industry on different synchrophasor-based grid-enhancing technologies, to increase the capacity, efficiency, reliability and security of transmission and distribution systems. Special attention is given to the large-scale deployment of these technologies on existing transmission and distribution assets to allow system operators to enhance the grid flexibility and the hosting capacity of renewable power generators. Presentations in this panel session: - Importance of WAMPAC to Address DER Integration (23PESGM1069) - Influence of grid-forming vs grid-following converters on local and global grid frequency: a PMU-based performance assessment (23PESGM1070) - Wide-area forced oscillations and their system impact (23PESGM1073) - PMU-based applications for system performance enhancement (23PESGM1074)

Alfredo Vaccaro, Marjan Popov
Primary Committee:
Power System Operation, Planning, and Economics (PSOPE)
Sponsor Committees:
Technologies & Innovation Subcommittee

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