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Past, Present, and Future with Synchrophasor Technology

K. Martin, D. Schoenwald, M. Venkatasubramanian, S. Maslennikov, Q. Zhang, X. Luo, E. Farantatos, A. Schmitt

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Panel 19 Jul 2023

PMUs were first used for the analysis and model validation of the summer 1996 western American electric blackouts which established the potential and the need for wide area synchronized measurements. In the twenty-five years since then, PMUs have become increasingly prevalent in power grids around the world. At the same time, we are also seeing the limitations of PMUs or synchrophasors in analyzing the complex switching phenomena in modern inverter-based resources. This panel will highlight some of the past success stories, the challenges in managing the growing number of PMUs in the present systems, and how PMUs will need to adapt to handle the challenges of the future. Presentations in this panel session: - Synchrophasor Exploration Adventures in WECC (23PESGM3850) -The Use of Synchrophasors in Real-Time Grid Controls: Success Stories and Future Challenges (23PESGM3853) - Online Model Estimation and Adaptive Control Design (23PESGM3855) - Operational use of PMU at ISO-NE; current practices and future needs (23PESGM3857) - From WAMS for Synchronous Generator Dominated Grids to WAMPAC for IBR Dominated Grids (23PESGM3859) - BPA Synchrophasor Applications - Past Experience and Future Plans (23PESGM3978)

Mani Venkatasubramanian
Primary Committee:
Power Systems Dynamic Performance (PSDP)

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