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Impact of Climate Change on the Power Grid (slides)

K. Seile, R. Tabors, M. O'Malley, B. Kroposki, C. Arends, D. Diaz, A. Silverstein, J. Sharp, A. Olson

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Super Session 29 Jul 2021

This super session is comprised of the folllowing presentations: Decarbonization and the Grid of the Future, Marginal Emission Rates: The needed metric of carbon displacement in an increasingly electrified world, Research needs for grid to adapt t and mitigate climate change, Integrating Massive amounts of Variable Renewable Energy into Power Grids, How Utility Companies Manage Wildfire Risk, Integrating Climate Impacts and Resiliency Research for the Electric Power System, Climate Change, Reliability and Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Extreme Weather and the Evolving Grid: Separating Facts, Myths and Speculation, Scalable Markets for the Energy Transition: A Blueprint for Wholesale Electricity Market Reform

Miaolei Shao, Kory Hedman

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