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Panel Session 05 Aug 2020

Knowledge discovery-based paradigms aim at identifying features, complex relationships, and hypotheses describing potentially interesting regularities from large heterogeneous networks of observations and information products generated from modelling efforts. They are essential for Wide Area Monitoring Protection and Control of power systems, where data from various sources (e.g. PMUs, SCADA, etc.) are transformed into information and actionable intelligence at different data analysis centers. In this complex domain, advanced information services aimed at browsing, accessing and analyzing the data resources are required for ontology management, storage, query, and inference the data streaming acquired from the WAMPACs sensors.
To address these issues, in this Panel leading experts, coming from both the Academia and the Industry, will discuss the most advanced methodologies and technologies for data miming over WAMPACs data streaming, for real or near real time data processing from heterogeneous sensor networks, for semantics and content-based data extraction and integration from Phasor Measurement Units.

Marjan Popov, Alfredo Vaccaro
Primary Committee:
Power System Operations, Planning & Economics (PSOPE)
Sponsor Committees:
Technologies & Innovation Subcommittee